How I Styled An Outfit With a $100 Budget: BARGAIN WULF

Hey everyone ! Katana here!

So with the holidays coming through and dominating our every expense, we often times forget about ourselves. By the time the self comes to mind, we’re probably broke or have “barely-there” funds we can kinda spare.

I decided I wanted to challenge myself by creating a cute cozy outfit with a budget of $100 USD, and see if it could even be done.

Before I started, I knew I wanted something semi-casual. It would give me more options, or bang for my buck, if you will. (Sorry, dad joke.)

I wanted to get a pair of pants, a cute sweater, maybe a few accessories and a pair of shoes.

Perhaps I’m asking for too much, but I think it’s possible.

The places I had in mind had to be consumer friendly financially. First thoughts that came to mind were:


Forever 21


Cotton On

Luckily, most of those stores were all located within swift distance bets one another so my job got a lot easier.

I won’t give you the boring minute by minute details of my shopping challenge, but with it being after Black Friday, I had LOTS to choose from.

I arrived at the mall and upon entry I saw the very cheap Charlotte Russe. ( def not my fave but I gave it a try.)

Much to my surprise at the very front of the store they had these great deals on knit sweaters and turtleneck tops. I found the cutest brick colored sweater and the tag said $15.99.

Yup, I was sold! So, I continued to look. Didn’t fixed anything cute or ehhh of great quality. But I found the first piece to my outfit and I damn sure made the purchase.

Here’s the first addition:

So, next up was Forever 21. I knew I hated F21 jeans, so I didn’t even look. I browsed a little bit and didn’t really see anything I liked (also overthinking the budget I got nervous, oops) and found a cute pair of 70s round brown sunnies. They were $8 so I said why not!

Then I ended up at Express and found this cute bag. $39.99

I thought it was cute, I could get good use out of it and it was cheap!

Now since we ended up with a bag, a top and a pair of sunglasses, I approached other stores.

H&M was my next place, I wanted dark denim. Something more of a boyfriend-Jean type of fit. Couldn’t find anything. No cute shoes in sight. I left the store with nothin’ !

Next off, I ended up at Nordstrom Rack. They usually have some cute stuff for pretty inexpensive. I went straight to the shoes and found the CUTEST booties. A pair of Nine West shiny Faux leather 2 inch heel boots. Just my luck, it was in fact my size. As I try it on I realize this is exactly the vibe I’m going for.

It’ll give the same energy my sunnies will, and I check the price and…. wait for it…


Literally felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I got so excited I went straight in line and bought them. In my mind, I thought I was done. The excitement rushed to my head and didn’t allow me to think properly lol.

On the way home, I realized that I was not finished with my outfit. I completely forgot to get bottoms so I prayed that Target could save me!

I found a cute pair of distressed mom jeans, thankfully. I kinda had no choice. It came in my size which was great. I didn’t think to try it on. (Big mistake)

The tag said $29 but when I went to pay, it was on sale for $16 so YAY ME!!!

The jeans were WAY too big. I’m a pretty small person with a tiny frame. I’m usually a 0. But these 00 jeans were actually hanging off me. More so than any pair of boyfriend jeans should. But I think with a cute belt and maybe some tailoring I could make it work!

And there we have it! I completed my outfit and the end result was in fact kinda cute!

After adding all of my purchases together it came out to roughly $105! I stayed close to the limit!!!

Although I didn’t stay under I was def proud!

I can’t believe I actually (kinda) did it. I’m very self impressed. Sorry not sorry.

So what do you guys think of my outfit?! Do you think you’d be able to stay under $100 bucks!?

Leave your comments below!

Love & light

Katana xoxo

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