Let’s face it. We pretend to hate Valentines day when were single, we get anxious on the holiday during a relationship, but what we don’t actually get to do, is just enjoy ourselves.

I’m a firm believer in looking good, feeling good. I also can not help but get geeked out during cupid’s season. The colors, the vibes, the florals…. I just can not get enough.

I’ve created some cute looks to help inspire you if you’re in a rut on finding something cute to wear. I can not wait to put my outfits together.

#1 The Classic Sexy (splurge edition)

The classic sexy Valentines day dinner ensemble.

This is the perfect outfit for a late night dinner out in the city. I had to make my classic outfit a splurge outfit, because special occassions are a must when it comes to collecting designer items. The leopard is playful and the red is striking, you can not help but go unnoticed. Paired with a Balenciaga clutch and Dolce earrings, this creates a sultry look without trying hard at all.

#2 Quirky + Romantic Valentine

Perfect look for a day trip to a museum, an outdoor event, or V-Day Brunch!

The quirky valentine needs to show off their personalities. This is the perfect eccentric & flirty vibe for a date during the day, outdoor or even a picnic! You could even swap the wedges for sneakers if you get to enjoy a day at the theme park or even a cute trip to the zoo. It’s valentines… were keeping everything pink and girly. (For the most part.)

You could easily use this outfit as inspo for a more affordable version very, very easily! Gucci can be a bit much on short notice 😉

#3 The Preppy + Casual Flirt

Pink, pink and pink!

Why not be a walking (Hallmark) Holiday? Have work in the morning? Gotta rush to a meeting before your date? Are you preparing avocado toast for brunch at your favorite park outside the city? This might work. It’s casual and chic and I love a bold pink look.

#4 Retro + Romance (Millenial Audrey)

Bayside, Beverly Hills, a nice shopping day… or your own version of a breakfast at Tiffany’s. There are 0 reasons as to why you don’t need an outfit like this! The pastel tones, chic tapered look gives off such an elegant daytime vibe. I literally can’t get over this. This look will always work year round. 10/10 V-day Babe.


Stayin’ home? xx

Dark. Sultry. Exotic. Nothing is more attractive than an all black set. A beautoful black sheer robe could make anything look great. You could even try a robe just like the one above with a burgundy lingerie set…. or any color of your choice, to be honest! The platforms are non-negotiable ! It is a must!

#6 Glam + Cozy

Glam Night In

Lavender, Blush, Salmon, Fuschias, Rose Golds… anything goes! Keep it sexy + fun with a flowy robe. This particular one has an extra special “umph” with its feminine ruffled sleeves, beautiful sheer texture and tie-waist. A cute lace bra + panty set is ideal… and don’t forget to pair it with some cute faux fur stilettos! It’s fun to play princess. Especially on V-day. *Hair Flip*

Valentines day is just a great excuse to eat chocolate and buy random heart-shaped things we don’t need at Target. Single or in a relationship, buy yourself something cute and fun, but most importantly enjoy yourself.

You don’t need a man for a cute V-Day lingerie set!


Love & Light,





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