Shane Dawson; The Jake Paul 8-Part Series- Review

If you don’t know who Shane Dawson is, you either live under a rock… or have never been on the internet. Either or, you’re missing out.

Shane Dawson (age 30) is an author, comedian & content creator with over 18 million subscribers who features a plethora of topics on his YouTube channel. Ranging from comedic skits to the black hole of conspiracy theories, Dawson has mastered the art of visual entertainment.

During his incredible (yet, very well deserved) growth over the years, we have seen him level up his content by creating in-depth documentary-style YouTube series, digging into some of the most viral Influencer scandals.

From investigating the truth behind Tana Mongeau’s TanaCon (another YouTuber who was accused of setting up her own convention inspired meet and greet with no experience, leaving hundreds of fans with loss of money from a ego-driven “event”) to reaching beneath the surface with the series ‘The Life Of Jeffree Star’, and his current (insanely professional) 8-part series starring Jake Paul.

The internet has lost their shit, during his latest series. Jake Paul and Shane Dawson have been the most talked about creators in the last few weeks. As we were all anticipating Dawson to upload Part 1, we did not know what to expect. But if you have seen any of Dawson’s videos, you definitely did expect to see him execute a very informative and NON-JUDGMENTAL view of Jake Paul and his unfortunate legacy of controversy. And guess what? Shane Dawson has done, just that.

Before I continue expressing my opinions on this series, I must disclaim that Dawson comes off as one of the most genuine Creators (in my humble opinion) the internet has ever had the honor of viewing. Now, I clearly don’t know him personally but some people just exude genuineness, and Shane is one of them. If the YouTube world were a courtroom, you can be sure enough Shane Dawson would be the Fair Judge. We love a fair and honest King!

I’m 26 years old, married and more interested in the life of Kanye than anything else. Your favorite suburban, trendy girl. So, you know I’m not going to know a damn thing about said, Jake Paul.

I didn’t know who he was, why he was famous or what even was the basis of this series. I had no connection to Paul.

(A young 21 year old Youtuber, who apparently has controversy following his every step) So as the first video drops, titled ‘The Mind Of Jake Paul’ I figured Shane’s advanced and informative production skills could give me some insight on why I should even care, in the first place.

Safe to say, I was sucked in. Each episode ranges around 45 minutes of intellectual interviewing Paul’s friends, enemies, family and lifestyle. As Shane documents his experience and thorough investigations surrounding Jake Paul and his allegations, ethics and personality, Dawson tries to understand the root of the drama following the creator, while bystanders have labeled (Jake Paul) slightly sociopathic.

Shane sits down with a woman named Kati- a licensed therapist who specializes in mental health. On the couch in casual conversation, they go over the symptoms and characteristics of what a text-book sociopath is, a symptom of Anti-Social Personality Disorder (Aka: ASPD) and how it could be relative to what the people of the web, consider Jake Paul to be. Without any accusation, only simple definition, they go into detail on situations that mirror the diagnosis of the mental disorder.

Comments from Shane’s Subscribers

That’s where the internet starts to go wild. Forgetting that the internet itself had labeled Jake Paul a sociopath, they didn’t find it in great light that the disorder was a huge portion of the documentary. In the video, there were plenty of disclaimers explaining that they are not diagnosing him- rather, they were merely observing.

The backlash surprised me, just an outsider looking in. I could only assume Dawson and Kati felt as overwhelmed by the amount of hate people were commenting in regards to the videos.

If you didn’t know, Jake Paul’s fans seemed to be erratic and over the top. Less of an army but more of a (hate to say it, come for me if you want) over-the-top Stan community who will praise Paul and his crew regardless of any negativity they project on their social media. The internet became flooded with opinions, some terrible and some concerning.

Dawson, who felt the need to announce on his social media, tried to make it apparent he wasn’t labeling Paul as a mentally ill person, but just trying to get to the bottom of why [jake] is the way he is. Explaining that he does not think sociopaths are dangerous and evil people, but they have tendencies of doing dangerous and selfish acts. The fan base grew angrier, because of the creepy audio playing in the background, trying to accuse Dawson of making sociopaths deemed as “scary” or spooky. Yet again, I think it was just his way of editing that shook the viewers to their core. Leaving them feeling like their “idol” Jake Paul was perceived as a terrifying human.

I certainly didn’t get that vibe, from watching what was already uploaded from the series. But then again, it’s the internet and they’ll make a mountain out of an ant hill.

Further into the series we see Paul’s enemies, clips from his ex-Gf who accused him of domestic violence & mental abuse… to the dynamic of his family, his upbringing and his current life in his Los Angeles home.

I don’t want to get too deep in detail about the series, because I truly believe you should watch it yourselves to witness the unraveling mind of Jake Paul. It gets more interesting within time and is produced to perfection.

My thoughts on this series are quite positive. I see the angle Dawson is coming from and how genuinely caring he is with the people he interviews. I don’t think he was making unnecessary comments, but just opening up a small page of mental health stigma and quick labeling of influential content creators, that gets brought up often.

Shane Dawson seems to be the most curious youtuber yet, but with passion surrounding all of his projects. The formula of his videos is directed in a serious manner while still providing true personality and light heartedness that allows us viewers to relate to both Dawson and Paul themselves. I found myself sharing both feelings from the concern exuding from Shane, yet a bit of a misunderstood-soul that leaks from the energy of Jake Paul.

The series is no where near over yet, but I do give it a 10/10. If you haven’t watched the series, you can watch it here On Shane’s YouTube Channel and see for yourself.

Not only is the entertainment value up to par, but the professional quality of the series really deserves an award. I can’t wait to see how this ends, and as a stranger to Dawson- I hope he gets the credit and success he truly deserves. For he has created a new standard for YouTube, which other creators could learn a lot from.

If you’re reading this Shane, congratulations on your incredible work. I am officially a huge fan, and wish the best for you.

You can follow Shane on Instagram @ShaneDawson and his YouTube channel

Hope you enjoyed my review!

Have you watched the Jake Paul series? Are you a fan of Shane Dawson? Let us know in the comments below!

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I love you my wulfies! ❤️



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