Welcome back, wulfies. This “review” is a bit off brand compared to the others I have done for The SaintWulf.

Well, if you didn’t know- I smoke. It’s definitely not something I am proud of. In fact I have been trying to quit for some time now. Essentially, I know its not good for me. So with that being said- I have tried using different methods to get me away from those damn cancer sticks.

My husband smokes out of his vape- a normal mod, but we have both tried these “puff bars.” No they’re not Juuls, but close enough in theory.

Puff Bars are these disposable vapes that come in a variety of flavors. Since January, I believe we’ve purchased around (not even kidding) around 30-40 of these. And boy.. do I have some opinions. Lol.

Puff Bars come in 2% & 5% nicotine salt strength. Each bar has an estimated 300 puffs per use. (Very debatable, but we will get to that in a minute.) There are flavors like Melon Ice, Banana, Cucumber, Pomegranate, strawberry banana etc. I have found myself enjoying the cucumber more than any other flavor. It’s more fresh and not as sweet, as I tend to shy away from the sweet flavors. (They give me headaches haha.)

Well, since spending around $300 (if not- a lot more lol) I’ve had a few positive feelings as well as negative ones.


I have found myself not reaching for a cigarette as often.

I don’t have that intense craving.

I can take a puff whenever, and its convenient.

It’s small and light- so it doesn’t take much space.

It smells good and they’re kinda cute lol.

Now that I have said some nice things- I want to go ahead and get to the situations that have made me feel a little bit iffy.

So the way this works is you just puff, and you can smoke. There is no button, no machinery* or function that tells you if you’re out- until its actually almost OUT.

Theres a small little blue light on the bottom of the bar that lights up when you smoke it. When the little blue light starts flashing, it means it’s *dead*. You may be able to get a few puffs out of them post flashing lights, but very rarely.

The obstacle I have come across often is a lot of them are DUDS. Yes, duds. And before you start looking like the confused meme, I get my puff bars from a verified vendor so YES, they are real.

At one point I purchased 6 at once. Two of them were duds. Meaning they either didn’t work. Right out of the concealed packaging, I would take a hit and NOTHING would come out.

A few of the duds would be puffed, and there would be a glitch to where the puff bar itself would still be pulling vapor without me actually doing anything, which by the way, its terrifying because you can’t “turn it off.” lol. Yikes.

Out of the 30 I have purchased, about 10 of them were duds. Now here is the issue, once you open the box- you can’t return them. It’s also hard to prove they didn’t work upon purchase. Once that flashing light is indicated- it’s considered “dead.” So your word doesn’t mean much. Thats kind of a shitty deal considering they’re around $12 a piece so you’re low-key screwed.

I do find it lasting me around 2-3 days. Where as some won’t even last a day, so the consistency is a bit shit. Not really something that has a lot of guarantee.

I do have to say on a percentage scale, I am 78% happy with the product, but it is a bit of a risk with the malfunctioned ratio to proper bar purchase.

Although I have found myself reaching for the Puff Bar more often than a cigarette I can’t help but feel like my satisfaction deteriorated because of the high chance some just don’t last long- or work at all.

I would recommend these little guys, on the high chance they do work properly. But besides the duds- I do enjoy them.

So for the smokers who are ruining their lungs as I am, I hope this review helps. Give it a shot and let me know what you think!

Do you still smoke? What are your ways to quit? Have they been successful? Let me know in the comments below!

Shout out to Menifee Vapor Pro’s for putting me on Puff Bars. They’ve helped my anti-cigarette journey quite a bit!

Love & light,

Katana at TheSaintWulf.

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