Happy Friday to you all, my wulfgang! Hope all is well & everyone is feeling great and healthy.

The last few days have been normal for me, except I have had a few instances of sore muscles and accidentaly hurt my knee with some pretty terrible work-out form. Along with my slight sore body, my husband has been pretty sore as well… overusing his body at work. He has had some joint discomfort on his. legs and his calves weren’t feeling all that great.

As bad as that may sound, it came at a perfect time. I partnered with a company called “Mother’s”, a 100% natural hemp company that creates some of the best CBD & Hemp products on the market.

“Mother’s” is a local Southern California company that creates an abundance of quality product for pain relief & targeting arthritic pain, as well as inflammation.

I didn’t expect this review to be put in such great use as I had received the product. But I am so glad I had obtained this salve at a time where both my husband and I needed some relief…. and we needed it asap!


As you all know, no matter if a post is sponsored or not, I will give my 100% honest opinion whether it be in favor of the company or against, so there is no swaying to a certain side. With that being said, I have had some GREAT results with these creams & beeswax.

So let’s start!

On Zach, his calves were his biggest problem area. He had a constant throbbing dull pain. We decided to use the Deep Penetrating Cream for that problem area. The application was simple, we used a dime sized amount and massaged it into his problem areas. The scent was nice and upon massaging it in, he had mentioned that it already started feeling better. We did this for two days & by the third day his pain had disappeared. Talk about relief !

Mother’s hemp comfort cream

The consistency was thick and nice, and easily blended into the skin. Their motto is “A Little Goes A Long Way” and that seemed to be accurate. We really enjoyed this product a lot! I ended up using this on my shoulders, I was a bit uncomfortable the night b before- I must have slept wrong because I had woken up in the morning with some strange pains. Upon putting the cream on my body, the pain seemed to slowly fade. The aromas also felt great as well. The natural ingredients didn’t disappoint and we were really excited to have this product in case of emergency. Sometimes, we will take an Advil for some dull aches, but as of now I will probably reach for this before anything else.

Moving onto my shitty knees, I ended up using the Maximum Strength 7500 mg hemp comfort salve. It’s purpose was mainly for arthritic inflammation.

This bad boy is made with 100% natural products as are the rest of the collection. Made with premium hemp extract, arnica, rosemary & a blend of other organic ingredients, this beeswax composed salve was a surprise to me. Such a small amount really did go a long way.

7500 mg Hemp Comfort Salve

The next day I felt my knee was not as swollen, the discomfort was manageable and with a few stretches and another application I had already started to see more results.

I have been busy and on the go the last few days, so I haven’t really had an opportunity to try the rest of the product- but I can probably assume that they’re all equal in superior results such as the two we had already used.

These products really helped, my personal favorite was the cream because it was easier to manage and really gave good physical insight on where the product was applied.

Safe to say I would recommend this to anyone who wanted to try any new Salve Hemp or CBD product.

If you’re looking for some new product, look no further!

Follow @Mothers_relief_co on instagram to get your own! But thats not the best part! They’re doing a giveaway! Yup, big facts, they’re giving away A WHOLE YEARS WORTH OF PRODUCT!!!! Imagine saving money & being free of discomfort! So give them a follow, and enter the giveaway to have a chance on a years worth of quality product!

follow the rules above to win a free years worth of product!

Shout out to Mothers Relief Co for giving me the opportunity to try out their products and wish them nothing but success!


Do you guys use any CBD product? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!!

Love & Light,

Katana at

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