Hi Wulfies! Outfit Alert!

Creativity is absolutely necessary if you want to maximize your wardrobe. Figuring out how to style a single garment into a few different looks not only utilizes your wardrobe, but can actually help you plan out outfits in the future.

If you have a hard time styling pieces together, or think you can only wear a statement item one way- I can help. The easiest garment to style is the most common item in a woman’s closet. The Little Black Dress. Good ol’ LBD.

With that being said, it was the perfect piece to center any type of outfit around, so that is exactly what we’re going to do!

One Dress, 4 Looks

I chose a simple sleeveless mock neck dress. (If you don’t have one similar, it is okay. These outfits can work well with a basic long sleeve, strappy or even t-shirt style pieces.)

I decided to create four general/relatable looks. I styled these with outfits to help inspire you, based on styles that I appreciate. You can do your own take on any look to make it yours!





I went with simple-easy to put together-looks.

Casual, a night out, professional & a Sunday up-scale casual.

Finding pieces with such a simple piece is easy, so before we get started find your little black dress & let’s get to styling!


LOOK #1 : Casual + Edgy

casual_edgy Places to wear this outfit:

  •  Shopping
  • Lunch
  • Day time activities
  •  Movies
  • Coffee Dates

How I styled this:

I wanted an everyday vibe that provides an edgy yet cozy look. The jacket created a comfy vibe that just went so well with a pair of white sneakers. The faux fur trim on the moto-jacket added texture to the ‘fit. I added some Gucci pearl frames & a side-bag for practicality. (Since we don’t have many pockets. Lol.)


LOOK #2: Night Out

nightout_Places to wear this outfit:

  • Night out in the city
  • Fancy Dinner
  • Girls Night Out
  • Birthday Celebration
  • Party/Club
  • Semi-Formal Event


How I Styled This Look:

Texture, texture, texture! It’s been my new thing recently and using a pair of boots to create my vision, had completely nailed the energy I wanted to portray with this outfit. I love a very bossy + in charge look for a night out. (It’s empowering, ok!) I left out an outerwear piece because I wanted to keep it simple. The boxy shoulder-strap bag adds some modern vibes, without taking away the simplistic ensemble I tried to put together. A little pop of color was needed, that is when the cute red chanel earrings came into the garb. You could top this off with a nice red lip and slicked back pony or even swap the boots for some strappy stilettos if you’re not feeling the thigh-high boots!

LOOK #3: Professional + Modern

work outfitPlaces to wear this dress:

  • Meeting
  • Interview
  • Work
  • Professional Appointments
  • Court- LOL jk.. but really.


How I Styled This Dress:

Adding a plain three button midi-coat can make any outfit look presentable. To achieve a easy-work look, I decided to add a pair of suede booties to give it a polished vibe. Accessorizing with a gold-detailed watch allowed me to pair a red birkin for that classy warm toned ensemble. Now you don’t have to get yourself a birkin, but purse structured similar to the Hermes legendary bag, would be the most completing element for this outfit. You could swap the booties for loafers as well, if you are into a more casual appearance.


LOOK #4: Sunday + Upscale Casual



Places to wear this outfit:

  • Sunday Brunch
  • Farmers Market
  • Wineries
  • Lunch Date
  • Boutique Shopping
  • Picnic


How I styled this dress:

I love an elegant simple look for a nice sunday afternoon. The Prada bamboo bag really was the piece that inspired this entire vision. Creating an element of upscale comfort, a classic black loafer became a staple piece. Adding the sunhat was a cute personal touch, especially in sunny California, (where I live) considering the sun shines (practically) year round. Gotta keep your skin safe from those damn wrinkle-causing rays! Don’t forget about the little details; a cute short black manicure can change the entire look. Going for an Audrey look was my inspiration. I think I’ve nailed it, don’t ya think?


I love finding new ways to style a single piece of clothing. How often do you wear your favorite dress? Probably not enough!

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite piece of clothing in your wardrobe is and how YOU style it differently!

Hope you guys had some spark of inspiration, until next time my Wulfies.

Love & Light,

Katana @saintwulf

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