I am so excited to review this bag for you guys! This is definitely one of my favorite blogs to write, so far, considering the beauty that lays within this handbag.

So before we start the review: I have to thank the ladies at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC for searching up and down for this bag. (You can not purchase Dior online.)

Upon waiting for its arrival, I was wondering if I made the right choice. I had ordered the black LAdy Dior with Gold hardware. I even purchased the more expensive bag ($3,600 USD) because I NEEDED to have the gold chain.


The bag arrived packaged perfectly. It even came with a shopping bag! (Which is my fave, because most places wont give them to you unless you purchase it in the store.)


Within the shopping bag, there was the beaut. In a gorgeous white box, wraped in a beautiful Dior ribbon to perfection.

When I opened the box, I sat for a minute and admired it for a while… giving myself an insane shock factor. Lol.

This is what the packaging inside looks like.

Tissue paper encasing a nice soft cotton bag which keeps the purse safe 😉 hahah

After opening the bag, I saw the gorgeous leather love of my life. The gold hardware that was showing was gorgeous. More of a yellow gold, than any other tone. The charms were enclosed in their own tiny dust bag. Tied in a cute bow, I was ready to F***ing open it already haha.

The D I O R charms made this bag 10x better than it already was. There was some sticker (you can see on the hardware) that kept it from getting scratched before delivery. Each letter is a separate charm layering on top of each other.

The hardware connected to the bag had engraved Christian Dior initials. The stitching is absolutely incredible, but I do have to say it doesn’t photograph very well.

In a separate bag came the chain strap. This is what completes the bag. I am so much more intrigued by the gleaming gold laid upon the black leather. The contrast is everything.

The clip is also engraved with the Dior initials. It’s a great addition to the simplicity of the bag itself.

I can not WAIT to wear this babe.

I give this purse a 9.8/10

Basically if you have the choice to get it, fucking do it!

So what do you guys think of the Lady Dior? Do you love?! I know I do!

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Love and light,


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