Before reading this blog, note that I am not a professional hair dresser/stylist. This is just what my process looked like. I am not advising anyone to follow my journey, it would be in your own interest to seek a professional if youre thinking about going blonde. AKA- don’t blame me if your hair gets fried if you follow my instructions (or lack there of.)

Having the urge to change your hair is a common feeling for me. I find myself wanting to crawl out of my skin, and change the way I look at least once a year, and at last, that time is now. Being a brunette 97% of my life had embedded  identity in my dark locks. I’ve been blonde before, but I never really kept it long enough to enjoy it. Thankfully, I am committed to keeping this change.

Fun fact: I have always box dyed my hair black. (About 12 years now.) So you know the scale of difficulty this journey would become.

Before starting my hair process, I told myself I needed at least 18 months of a dye-free hair zone. And believe it or not, I actually didn’t dye my hair once during that period. My hair had been very healthy, and the longest it had been in a while, which gave me the confidence to continue this hair extravaganza. With the health and length being a great cushion to land on for this experience, being that I could cut a little if damage was a circumstance, and the health giving my hair an actual fighting chance.

I cut two inches off because I wanted a more blunt cut. It was the best decision I have ever made! My hair felt 10x thicker and 10x more healthy.

At this point in my hair-life it was a medium Chestnut brown, most of the black had faded into a color close to my natural. There were very red tones underneath, which was expected. I spent about two weeks not flat ironing or applying heat to my hair, while also conditioning it deeply twice a week.

I told myself not to rush the process, because without patience you are left with fried hair and anger. The first day I had lightened pieces of my bangs to frame my face. I used a 30 Vol developer with a powder bleach and left it on for about 15 minutes. It ended up lifting quickly, which gave me the bright idea to do a few more pieces. My face framing highlights went from a level 2 to a level 6/7. I conditioned my hair to the gods, and I was pleasantly surprised to see absolutely 0 damage, or any dryness. This was a good start.


It was at that point where I decided to go blonde by sections. I didn’t have a job that I needed to eave the house for, thank god, so I spent time doing small pieces every day until it blended nicely. I basically got every section on the bottom half of my head which ended up looking like a very dark ombre when brushed out. It didn’t look bad and it was tolerable to go out in public. (2 Points for Katana!)

I had left my hair like this for about a MONTH! Yes, a month. I didn’t know exactly how I wanted to approach  the rest of my head, but what I do know is I randomly had the urge to just go for it.

I ended up buying wella bleach and toner (30 Vol) and Wella t-14 toner and began the bleaching experience. I started with my ends, working my way up to the root after a few minutes. I then started a timer for 25 minutes, while using foil on certain pieces that I wanted a tad bit brighter and waited for the timer to go off. I then went in the shower rinsed it out as nicely as I could with a good clarifying shampoo and started to see the brassy light orange come through. I skipped the conditioner because I needed to tone anyways, so I got out of the shower, towel dried my hair and began to put together my toner.

I used a Wella T-14 toner with a 20 Vol deposit developer and left it on for about 20 minutes and as usual, rinsed it out. I conditioned my hair, rinsed it out and was eager to see what it looked like.

When damp, my hair looked darker- and even though it wasn’t, I was still perplexed. I used some biotin serum, a good shiner spray and let my hair air dry while I went to bed.

When I woke up the next morning, my hair looked a lot lighter and brighter dried. The orange was toned down to a medium caramel, and it looked intentional. I love toners, they make anything blend.


Right Now I am at a honey, Pale yellow, platinum mix. My roots are all even and I have one more session (very short session) of a 10 Vol developer that will pull out that yellow to allow me a moment to apply a nice toner giving me the ashier blonde I want.

I can’t wait to show you guys, so far my hair is so healthy. Thank God!! And I am so much happier trying something new. Please don’t do what I did, this is just to show you what the hell I went through and how I did it. I’m sure if I went to a salon I would have been platinum by now because my hair lifted so quick, but whatever. I want something neutral in tone anyways, plus Salon Anxiety is a real thing. I need to be control of everything 24/7 lol.

Talk to you at part 2 😉 💛

Have you guys ever gone blonde at home? How was your journey like? ❤

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